Here is a comprehensive list of all the tools in our library! Use CTRL+F (PC) or Command+F (Mac) to search for the specific tool you’re looking for. By clicking on any of the underlined text, you can see a photo of the tool as well as additional details.

Note that an item may be checked out by another patron, so we encourage you to call us in advance to make sure that the tool you’re looking for is available. If it isn’t, we will gladly place it on hold for you!

Millvale Tool Library – Inventory List

Updated 8/8/20

Automotive / Small Engine

Auto Code Reader

Battery Charger / Starter

Battery Tester

Battery Terminal Cleaner

Brake Adjusting Tool / Brake Spoon

Brake Spring Pliers

Buffer / Polisher: 10″ Orbital Buffer

Car Ramp Set

Compression Tester

Creeper – Various

Dwell Tachometer

Emergency Car Kit

Feeler Gauge

Fluid Siphon Pump

Flywheel Puller (Small Engine)


Gear Puller / Bearing Puller – Various

Grease gun – Various

Jack / Car Jack

Jack stands

Jumper Cables

Lug wrench – Various

Mechanics Creeper – Various

Oil cans – Various

Oil Filter Wrench – #1 and #2

Spark Plug Gap Gauge

Spark Plug Wrench

  • See Socket Sets listed with the wrenches in Hand Tools section.

Timing Light / Inductive Timing Light

Tire iron

Tire Pressure Gauge: Digital

Tire pump

Torque Wrench

Tow Strap – 2800 lbs. Working Load Limit

Tune up Kit – See catalog for details


Bike Chain rivet extractor

Bike Pump

Bike Tool Kit

  • 3 Tire levers
  • Chain tool
  • Chain Ring Nut Tool
  • Y-Hex Wrench 4/5/6 mm
  • Cable Cutters
  • Chain Whip
  • External Bottom Bracket Cup Tool
  • 15 mm Pedal Wrench
  • HG Cassette Lockring Tool
  • P-Handle T25 Torx Compatible Wrench
  • P-Handle 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm Hex Wrenches
  • 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm Hex keys
  • 127, 130, 136 Spoke Wrench
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver

Tire levers (Set of 2)

Tire pump

Clamps, Vises, and Tie-Downs

Band corner clamp

Bar clamp

Band Corner Clamps

Bench Vise / Machinist Vise


Corner Clamp

Edge Clamps: Three-way Edge Clamps (Set of 2)

Handscrew Clamp / Wooden Handscrew Clamp

Locking Clamp

Pipe Clamp – Various Lengths up to 10′

Spring clamp (Alligator) – Various (Set of 4)

Vise: Miniature


  • See Hand Tools section / Pliers

Cleaning – General

Blower Fan

Carpet / Floor Shampooer

Dust Pan – 22″

Litter Clean Up Kit – See Catalog for details

Push broom – 18”

Shop Vac – Wet/Dry Vac

Shop Vac Filter (Dry-use only)

Shop Vac Wands, Nozzles, and Elbows

Steam Cleaner


Bits – Masonry/Concrete –

  • See Power Tools and Accessories section / Drill Bits

Chisels (Masonry and Stone) – Various

2 Brick Chisels

Brick Hammer

Brick Jointer


Extension poles

  • See Hand Tools section

Float (Concrete) / Bull Float

Hand Groover

Masonry Brush

Masonry Core Bit Set

Masonry Saw

  • See Power Tools and Accessories section / Saws

Masonry/Concrete Bits

  • See Power Tools and Accessories section / Drill Bits

Mixer: Concrete Mixer Paddle

Mortar Hoe

Pressure Washer

  • See Power Tools section

Rubbing brick


Tuck Pointer- 3/8″, 1/2″


Armored Cable Cutting Tool

Conduit bender

Extension Cord

  • See Power Tools section

Fish Tape: 50′

Lights –

Lightbulb remover

Line Cutter: 9″

Lineman’s Pliers: 9″


Outlet (Receptacle) Tester

Power Usage Meter / Kilowatt meter

Soldering Gun – Various

Soldering Iron

Wire cutter

Wire stripper

Voltage tester

Hand Tools – General Use

Angle Finder

Angle Finder: 4″ Protractor Angle Finder 

Awl (Scratch) – Various

Bolt Cutter

Caliper: 4 3/4″ Vernier 

Cat’s Paw / Nail Puller

  • See Crowbars below

Caulking Gun

Chalk Line

Chisels (Wood)


  • See Clamps section

Comealong / Cable Puller

  • See Lawn and Garden section


Dolly (Hand truck)

Extension Cord

  • See Power Tools section

Extension Pole

Extension Pole: 4′ to 8′ 

File (metal) – Various

Flat Bar

  • See Crowbars

Gas can

Glass Cutter


Hand crank auger drill

Hand truck

Hollow Punch Set

Honing Guide / Honing Jig 


  • See Automotive section



Lights (work)

  • See Electrical section

Linoleum or Laminate Knife

Measuring tapes – Various

Miter Box – Various

Moulding Bar / Molding Bar

  • See Crowbars above

Multi-Use Rule and Gage

Nail Puller

  • See Crowbars / Cat’s Paw above

Nail Setter / Punch – Various — Punch Set, 5/16″, 1/4″

Nibbling Tool

Nut drivers

  • See screwdrivers
  • See Power Tools section / Drill bits and Combination Sets

Panel Carrier

Plane / Hand Plane


Plumb Bob

Putty Knife- Various

  •  1″
  •  1.5″
  • See also Interior Wall section / Mud knives, Taping Knives, Joint Knives, Finishing Knives


Ratchets / Socket Set

  • See Wrenches

Razor Scraper – Various

Riveter  – Various

Roller Stand: Adjustable 

Rotary Tool Accessory: Cutting Guide

Sander (Hand)

Sawhorses – Various

Saws (Hand)

Scraper–Listed separately as Razor, Paint, Floor, etc. scraper


Seam Roller

Sewing Awl

Sheet metal Shears

Siding Removal Tool

Spline Tool

Socket Set

  • See Wrenches

Soldering Iron: Cordless Soldering Iron

Sprayer (manual)

  • See Lawn and Garden section



Stud Finder – Multiple

Tap and Die

Tape Applicator (Packaging Tape)

Tin Snips / Aviation Snips / Metal Shears

Tool belt

Tool Set

  • See catalog for details


Utility knife

  • See Knives above

Whetstone / Sharpening Stone

Wire Brush

Wonder Bar

  • See Crowbars / Flat Bar

Wooden Mallet 

Workbench / Work Platform – Collapsible


Interior Floor (Carpet, Wood and Laminate, Tile)

Adhesive Spreader – notched

  • Also see Interior Floors / Adhesive Spreader

Carpet Seam Roller

Floor Roller- 7.5″

Floor Nailer

Flooring Pull Bar

Floor Scraper

Glass and Tile Bits

  • See Power Tools section / Drill Bits

Glue Spreader

Grout Float – rubber float

Groat Saw / Groat Rake – (Set of 2)

Knee Kicker / Carpet Stretcher – 16.5″

Linoleum Knife

Masonry/Concrete Bits

  • See Power Tools section / Drill Bits

Tile Cutter

Tile Nipper – Multiple

Tile Saw


Interior Walls (Drywall, Plaster) and Painting (Interior/Exterior)

Adhesive Spreader

  • Also see Interior Floors section / Adhesive Spreader

Ceiling Texture Scraper

Foam Gun


Heat Gun – #1 with concentrator nozzle and #2 with standard nozzle

Keyhole Saw / Jab Saw

  • See Hand Tools section / Saws

Joint Knife / Mud knife / Taping Knife / Finishing Knife

Mixing Paddle / Mixing Wheel: 3 1/2″

Mud Pan – Multiple

Paint can key

Paint guide (wallcovering tool)

Paint Pail

Paint Roller – Various — 3″, 9″, 12″

Paint Scraper

Paint Sprayer / Paint Gun / Spray Gun Kit

Pasting Table and Weights (Wallpaper)

Power Steamer / Wallpaper Stripper / Wallpaper Steamer

Pressure Washer

  • See Power Tools and Accessories section

Putty Knife

  • See Hand Tools section

Roto stripper (drill attachment)

Seam Roller

  • See Hand Tools section


Stud Finder

  • See Hand Tools section


  • See Hand Tools section

Wallpaper brush

Wallpaper scorer

Wire Brush and Paint Scraper (for cleaning brushes)

Ladders and Ladder Accessories


Ladder Jack: Pair of 2

Lawn and Garden


Bow Rake

  • See Rake


Bulb Planter (Hand)

Comealong / Cable Puller


Cutter Mattock

Digging bar / Rock bar / Garden Pry Bar

Digging fork

  • See Garden Fork


Fertilizer Spreader

  • See Spreader below

Garden claw

  • See Cultivator

Garden clippers / pruners

  • See Hedge clippers, Loppers, or Pruners

Garden Knife – Various

Gas Can

  • See Hand Tools section

Grass Shears – Various


Hedge clippers (manual)

Hedge Trimmer (electric) – Various

Hoe – Various

Hori-Hori Knife

Hose / Garden Hose – 75’

Iron Rake

  • Also see rakes

Lawn thatcher / dethatcher

  • See Rakes / Thatch rake

Lawn Mower – Push

Lawn Mower Blade Balancer

Leaf Blower – # 1 and #2

Leaf Mulcher

Loppers (Length may correspond with max branch width)

Mattock Cutter


Pick Mattock


Pole Pruner / Pole Saw

Post Hole Digger – Multiple

Post Level

Pruners – Various


Push broom

  • See Cleaning section



  • See Tiller below


  • Bow Saw –   24″ and 36″
  • Pole pruning saw – See Pole Pruner
  • Pruning  (Folding) – 6″, 7″, and 8.5″
  • See also Hand Tools and Power Tools



Trowel – See Below

Sickle / Grass Hook

Sprayer (manual)

Snowblower / Power Shovel, 18″

  • Up to 5” of snow


Tamper – Multiple

Tiller / Rototiller

Trowel (Garden)

Weed Wacker / Weed Eater / String Trimmer

Weeders – Manuel

Wheelbarrow – Multiple

Wood Splitter Maul – 8 lb

Wood Splitter Wedge – 5 lb


Blow Torch Kit – Multiple

Drain Machine

Drain Snake / Drain Auger

  • See Snake

Electric water pipe heat cable

Flaring tool


  • See Hand Tools section / Saws

Pipe Cutter – Multiple

Pipe Extractor Set 

Pipe Threader


  • See Hand Tools section

Pressure Gauge – Various

PVC cutting tool

Snake / Drain Snake

Socket Kit: Water Heater Element Socket Kit

Tube Bender

Utility Pump / Transfer Pump


Power Tools and Accessories – General Use / Carpentry

Air Compressor

Air compressor hose

Angle grinder / Disk grinder

Bench grinder

Biscuit joiner / Plate joiner – 4”

Buffing and Grinding Kit


  • See Hammer / Impact Chisels

Chop Saw

Combo Kit (Dewalt)

Cutting Guide: 98″ Cutting Guide 

Demolition Hammer

Dovetail jig – Various

Drill Guide: Pocket Hole Jig

Dremel #1, Dremel #2

  • See Rotary Tools

Drills / Screw guns

Drill bits

Drill bit sharpener – Twist bits up to ½”

Drill Guide

Drill Press – 8” capacity

Drill Press – 14″ capacity 

Dremel Drill Press

Engraver – Dremel Electric Engraver

Extension Cord – Various lengths and gauges, including:

Glue Gun

Hammer Chisel / Impact Chisel (SDS)

Hole Saw

Impact Wrench – Pneumatic (Air)

Jointer: 6″ Bench Jointer

Multi-tool – See Oscillating Saw / Multi-tool


Planer – Power planer

Pressure Washer – Power Washer

Push Block

Ratchet – Pneumatic (Air)

Rotary tool


Router Bit Set – Multiple

Router Crafter

Router Table w/ Router

Router Table w/ Stand and Router

Sanders – Power


Screw Extractor Set 

Shears: 14-Gauge Double-Cut Shears (for metal)

Staple Gun / Stapler

Stud Finder

  • See Hand Tools



  • See Ladders section

Roof Anvil

Roofing Nailer (Pneumatic)

Roof Shovel / Roof Scraper

Slate hammer

Tin snips

  • See Hand Tools section

Safety Equipment