Our Tools: What you can borrow

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In the meantime, about 900 tools from our collection are listed here!

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Automotive / Small Engine ** Bicycle ** Clamps, Vises and Tie Downs ** Cleaning ** Concrete / Masonry ** Electrical ** Hand Tools – General Use ** Interior Floor (Carpet, Tile, Wood & Laminate) ** Interior Walls and Painting ** Ladders and Ladder Accessories ** Lawn and Garden ** Plumbing ** Power Tools and Accessories – General Use ** Roofing ** Safety Equipment

Automotive / Small Engine

Auto Code Reader

Battery Charger / Starter

Battery Tester

Battery Terminal Cleaner

Buffer / Polisher: 10″ Orbital Buffer

Car Ramp Set

Creeper – Mechanic’s Creeper

Emergency Car Kit

Feeler Gauges

Fluid Siphon Pump

Flywheel Puller (Small Engine)

Funnels – Flexible hose: 4”

Gear Puller / Bearing Puller – Various

Grease gun – Various

Jack / Car Jack

Jack stands

Jumper Cables – 11’

Lug wrench – Universal Lug Wrench

Mechanic’s Creeper – Mechanic’s Creeper

Oil Can

Oil Filter Wrench 

Spark Plug Gap Gauge

Spark Plug Wrench

  • See Socket Sets listed with the wrenches in Hand Tools section.

Tire Lever: 240 mm Set (Set of 2)

Timing Light / Inductive Timing Light

Tire Bead Breaker with Swan Neck

Tire Pressure Gauge: Digital

Tire pumps – 

Tire Spoon (Set of 2)

Torque Wrench

Tow Strap – 2800 lbs. Working Load Limit


Bike Chain rivet extractor

Bike Pump / Tire Pump – Hand Pump 

Bike Tool Kit

  • 3 Tire levers
  • Chain tool
  • Chain Ring Nut Tool
  • Y-Hex Wrench 4/5/6 mm
  • Cable Cutters
  • Chain Whip
  • External Bottom Bracket Cup Tool
  • 15 mm Pedal Wrench
  • HG Cassette Lockring Tool
  • P-Handle T25 Torx Compatible Wrench
  • P-Handle 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm Hex Wrenches
  • 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm Hex keys
  • 127, 130, 136 Spoke Wrench
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver

Bottom Bracket Lockring Wrench

Cable Puller / Fourth Hand Cable Puller

Chain Cleaner

Cone Wrench Set – 14 Wrenches

Repair Stand

Socket Wrench, Y-Type 8-9-10

  • See also Bike Tool K

Truing Stand

Wheel Dishing Gauge

Clamps, Vises, and Tie-Downs

Band corner clamp

Bar clamp

Bench Vise / Machinist Vise


Corner Clamp

Edge Clamps: Three-way Edge Clamps (Set of 2)

Handscrew Clamp / Wooden Handscrew Clamp

Locking Clamp

Pipe Clamp

Ratchet Strap (Tie Down) – Multiple

Ratchet Strap (3,333 lb work load)

Spring clamp (Alligator) – Various (Set of 4)


  • See Hand Tools section / Pliers

Vise: Portable Vise and Workbench


Blower Fan

Carpet / Floor Shampooer

Dust Pan – 22″

Grabber Stick (Set of 2)

Push broom – 18”

Shop Vac – Wet/Dry Vac

Shop Vac Filter (Dry-use only)

Shop Vac Wands, Nozzles, and Elbows

Steam Cleaner

Vacuum (Bissell)

Concrete / Masonry

Bits – Masonry/Concrete –

  • See Power Tools and Accessories section / Drill Bits

Cement Mixer (Kushlan)

Chisels (Masonry and Stone) – Various

2 Brick Chisels

Brick Hammer

Brick Jointer

Concrete Saw / Cut Off Saw: 14″


Extension poles

  • See Hand Tools section

Float (Concrete) / Bull Float

Hand Groover

Masonry Brush

Masonry Core Bit Set

Masonry Saw

  • See Power Tools and Accessories section / Saws

Masonry/Concrete Bits

  • See Power Tools and Accessories section / Drill Bits

Mixer: Concrete Mixer Paddle

Mixing Tub

Mortar Hoe

Paver Extractror / Paver Extracting Tongs

Pressure Washer

  • See Power Tools section

Rubbing brick


Tuck Pointer – Various sizes


Armored Cable Cutting Tool

Chain Pliers: 7”

Conduit bender

Crimper: Cable or Multi-Connector Crimper (Klein) 

Crimper: Date Cable Crimper (Klein)

Extension Cord

  • See Power Tools section

Fish Tape: 50′
Fish Tape 25′

Lights –

Lightbulb remover

Line Cutter: 9″

Lineman’s Pliers: 9″


Outlet (Receptacle) Tester

Power Usage Meter / Kilowatt meter

Soldering Gun – Various

Soldering Iron

Wire cutter

Wire stripper

Voltage tester

Hand Tools – General Use

Tool Kit with Case – 130 Pieces

Angle Finder

Angle Finder: 4″ Protractor Angle Finder

Bolt Cutter

Caliper: 4 3/4″ Vernier

Caliper: Dial Caliper

Caliper: Outside Caliper – Various

Cat’s Paw / Nail Puller

  • See Crowbars below

Caulking Gun

Chalk Line

Chisels (Wood)


  • See Clamps section

Comealong / Cable Puller

  • See Lawn and Garden section


Dolly (Hand truck)

Extension Cord

  • See Power Tools section

Extension Pole: 4′ to 8′

File (metal) – Various

Flat Bar

  • See Crowbars

Gas can

Glass Cutter


Hand crank auger drill and bits

Hand truck

Honing Guide / Honing Jig


  • See Automotive section



Lights (work)

  • See Electrical section

Linoleum or Laminate Knife

Measuring tapes

Metal Seamer: 3″

Miter Box – Various

Moisture Detector/Moisture Meter

Moulding Bar / Molding Bar

  • See Crowbars above

Multi-Use Rule and Gage

Nail Puller

  • See Crowbars / Cat’s Paw above

Nail Setter / Punch – Various 

Nibbling Tool

Nut drivers

  • See screwdrivers
  • See Power Tools section / Drill bits and Combination Sets

Panel Carrier

Plane / Hand Plane


Plumb Bob


Putty Knife- Various

  • 1″
  • 2″ Flexible
  • See also Interior Wall section / Mud knives, Taping Knives, Joint Knives, Finishing Knives


Ratchets / Socket Set

  • See Wrenches

Razor Scraper – Various

Riveter – Various

Roller Stand: Adjustable – Multiple

Sander (Hand)

Sawhorses – Various

Saws (Hand)

Scraper- Listed separately as Razor, Paint, Floor, etc. scraper


  • Phillips and Flathead Set
  • Nut driver – Various – Set of 10
  • Right Angle Set – Flat and Phillips
  • Screwdriver bits – Various
    • See Craftsman 80-piece (Power Tools and Accessories) and Tool Sets in Hand Tools 
  • Square-head / Square Recess Set
  • Torque / Torx – Various – T10

Seam Roller

Sheet metal Shears

Siding Removal Tool

Spline Tool

Socket Set

  • See Wrenches

Soldering Iron: Cordless Soldering Iron

Sprayer (manual)

  • See Lawn and Garden section



Stud Finder – Multiple, including magnetic

Tap and Die

Tape Applicator (Packaging Tape)

Template Finder

Tin Snips / Aviation Snips / Metal Shears

Tool belt

Tool Set

  • See catalog for details


Utility knife

  • See Knives above

Vernier Caliper

Whetstone / Sharpening Stone

Wire Brush

Wonder Bar

  • See Crowbars / Flat Bar

Workbench / Work Platform – Collapsible


Interior Floor (Carpet, Wood and Laminate, Tile)

Adhesive Spreader – notched

  • Also see Interior Floors / Adhesive Spreader

Carpet Seam Roller

Floor Roller- 7.5″

Floor Nailer

Flooring Pull Bar

Floor Scraper

Floor Sander (Hardwood Floor Sander, 12″ x 18″ pad)

Glass and Tile Bits

  • See Power Tools section / Drill Bits

Glue Spreader

Grout Float – rubber float

Groat Saw / Groat Rake – (Set of 2)

Grout Sealer Applicator

Hacksaw with Carbide Grit Rod Blade

Knee Kicker / Carpet Stretcher – 16.5″

Linoleum Knife

Masonry/Concrete Bits

  • See Power Tools section / Drill Bits

Mixer: Groat Mixer

Tile Cutter

Tile Nipper – Multiple

Tile Saw

Tile Spacers – Various sizes


Interior Walls (Drywall, Plaster) and Painting (Interior/Exterior)

Adhesive Spreader

  • Also see Interior Floors section / Adhesive Spreader

Backing Board Scoring Knife

Ceiling Texture Scraper

Cut-Out Tool

Drop Cloth

Drywall Panel Lift / Hoist

Drywall Saw / Keyhole Saw / Jab Saw – Multiple

Drywall Tool Kit

Foam Gun


Heat Gun – Wagner with two nozzles and #2 with standard nozzle

Joint Knife / Mud knife / Taping Knife / Finishing Knife

Mixing Paddle / Mixing Wheel: 3 1/2″

Mud Pan 

Paint can key

Paint guide (wallcovering tool)

Paint Pail

Paint Roller – Various — 3″, 9″, 12″

Paint Scraper

Paint Sprayer / Paint Gun / Spray Gun Kit

Pasting Table and Weights (Wallpaper)

Power Steamer / Wallpaper Stripper / Wallpaper Steamer

Pressure Washer

  • See Power Tools and Accessories section

Putty Knife

  • See Hand Tools section

Roto stripper (drill attachment)

Scraper: 3″ Razor Scraper

Seam Roller

  • See Hand Tools section


Stud Finder

  • See Hand Tools section


  • See Hand Tools section

Wallpaper brush

Wallpaper scorer

Wire Brush and Paint Scraper (for cleaning brushes)

Ladders and Ladder Accessories


Ladder Jack: Pair of 2

Ladder Stabilizer

Lawn and Garden


Bow Rake

  • See Rake


Bulb Planter (Hand)

Comealong / Cable Puller


Cutter Mattock

Digging bar / Rock bar / Garden Pry Bar

Digging fork

  • See Garden Fork


Fertilizer Spreader

  • See Spreader below

Garden claw

  • See Cultivator

Garden clippers / pruners

  • See Hedge clippers, Loppers, or Pruners

Garden Knife

Gas Can

  • See Hand Tools section

Grass Shears – Various


Hedge clippers (manual)

Hedge Trimmer (electric) – Various

Hoe – Various

Hori-Hori Knife

Hose / Garden Hose – 75’ and 100′

Iron Rake

  • Also see rakes

Lawn Aerator Boots

Lawn thatcher / dethatcher

  • See Rakes / Thatch rake

Lawn Mower – Push

Lawn Mower Blade Balancer

Leaf Blower

Leaf Mulcher

Loppers (Length may correspond with max branch width)

Mattock Cutter


Pick Mattock


Pole Pruner / Pole Saw

Post Driver

Post Hole Digger – Multiple

Post Level

Pruning Kit – Multiple

Pruners – Various


Push broom

  • See Cleaning section



  • See Tiller below


  • Bow Saw – 24″ and 36″
  • Pole pruning saw – See Pole Pruner
  • Pruning (Folding) – 6″, 7″, and 8.5″
  • See also Hand Tools and Power Tools



Trowel – See Below

Sickle / Grass Hook

Sprayer (manual)

Snowblower / Power Shovel, 18″

  • Up to 5” of snow


Tamper – Multiple

Tiller / Rototiller

Trowel (Garden)

Weed Wacker / Weed Eater / String Trimmer

Weeders – Manuel

Wheelbarrow – Multiple

Wood Splitter Maul – 8 lb

Wood Splitter Wedge – 5 lb


Blow Torch Kit – Multiple

Drain Machine

Drain Snake / Drain Auger

  • See Snake

Flaring tool


  • See Hand Tools section / Saws

PEX Crimp Tool Kit (Multi-Head)

PEX Cinch Tool and Depth Checker

Pipe Cutter – Multiple

Pipe Extractor Set


  • See Hand Tools section

Pressure Gauge

PVC cutting tool

Snake / Drain Snake

Tube Bender

Utility Pump / Transfer Pump


Power Tools and Accessories – General Use / Carpentry

Air Compressor

Air compressor hose

Angle grinder / Disc grinder

Angle Grinder Accessories

Bench grinder

Biscuit joiner / Plate joiner – 4”

Blow gun kit

Buffing and Grinding Kit


  • See Hammer / Impact Chisels

Chop Saw

Combo Kit (Dewalt)

Cutting Guide: 98″ Cutting Guide

Demolition Hammer

Dovetail jig – Various

Drill Guides

Dremel #1, Dremel #2

Drills / Screw guns

Drill bits

Drill bit sharpener – Twist bits up to ½”

Drill Guide

Drill Press – 8” capacity

Dremel Drill Press

Extension Cord – Various lengths and gauges, including:

Hammer Chisel / Impact Chisel (SDS)

Hole Saw

Impact Wrench – Pneumatic (Air)

Jointer: 6″ Bench Jointer

Multi-tool – See Oscillating Saw / Multi-tool


Planer – Power planer

Pocket Hole Jig: See Drill Guides above

Pressure Washer – Power Washer

Push Block

Ratchet – Pneumatic (Air)

Rotary tool


Router Bit Set – Multiple

Router Crafter

Sanders – Power


Screw Extractor Set

Shears: 14-Gauge Double-Cut Shears (for metal)

Staple Gun / Stapler

Stud Finder

  • See Hand Tools



  • See Ladders section

Roof Anvil

Roof Jack (Set of 6)

Roofing Nailer (Pneumatic)

Roof Shovel / Roof Scraper

Slate hammer

Tin snips

  • See Hand Tools section

Safety Equipment