riverfront/environmental camp 2020

In our virtual Riverfront/Environmental Camp, campers learned about sustainability, river ecology, and conversation! Involving partnerships with local organizations Venture Outdoors, Girty’s Run Watershed Authority, and Allegheny Cleanways, we virtually explored our rivers and local environment through fun hands-on activities!

DiY fishing rods with venture outdoors
Materials: 1 strong stick, fishing line, pipe cleaners, & scissors

Since we couldn’t go fishing on the river with Venture Outdoors, we learned how to make our own fishing rods, and we created lures using pipe cleaners! 


Litter Critters with Allegheny CLeanways
Materials: trash/litter from your own home or neighborhood, scissors, googly eyes, glue/gluestick, pipe cleaners

Learn about litter in our waterways with Allegheny Cleanways, and then make your own LITTER CRITTER!!! Upcycle trash you would otherwise throw away, or find some litter on your own, and turn it into a crazy trash monster! Bring your critter to life with googly eyes and pipe cleaners!


DIY Environscape, Exploring watersheds
Materials: foil pasta pan, sponges, small cups, legos, food dye, pipe cleaners, plastic sea creatures (optional) 

An environscape is a really cool and fun way to understand watersheds! Make your own mini watershed, and learn about storm water management techniques to keep pollutants out of our rivers!