virtual summer camps

Who: Kids ages 5-12 
When: Anytime you feel like it!

Since we weren’t able to have our summer camps at the library this year, we worked really hard to make awesome digital camps for our kids. Click the link(s) below to explore what our campers did at each camp, and try it at home! 

1. Makeshop Camp

2. Riverfront Camp

Friday Story Time and Mini Makers
Who: Early readers and their families

When: Fridays 10:30a on the MCL’s Facebook

Join us every Friday while we wake up together with a few good books and an awesome hands on craft. Our weekly story time is still digital for the forseeable future, but we promise it’s still a good time!

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Chapter Book Read-Along

Who: Kids and adults who like to read!
When: M-F at 6:30 on the MCL’s Facebook

Tune in to see our summer Browne Fellow, Trish, read a chapter (or two!) of “Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky” every weeknight at 6:30! It’s an awesome story, and Trish is a great reader! Join us!

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